Hard at Work specializes in custom, luxury home builds and renovations
that showcase the unique and creative visions of their clients.

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What We Offer

Custom Design and Complete Builds

Whether you decide on an extensive renovation or complete tear down and rebuild, we have the expertise to manage every step.

Interior Design and Architectural Services

Our interiors feature unique and never before seen design rivalling what our discerning and well-traveled clients have seen and experienced abroad. As a team, our staff literally have “done it all” and with every “wow” we earn, we continue to grow exponentially in the custom luxury home build market because of our satisfied clients. When you partner with the Hard at Work team, your vision can be realized from floorplans to interior design ultimately creating your “Dream Home”.

Planning and Permit Approvals

Through our real estate experts, we have a wealth of experience with area conservation authorities, strong relationships with Township planning staff, and are well versed in all of the restrictions and guidelines under various environmental legislation. We will take care of all the needed permits and approvals, easing the burden and making it a trouble-free process.

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Hard at Work Inc. – 13060 Keele St. King City ON, L7B 1H8
T: 905.539.0225   |   E: info@hardatworkinc.com