What We Offer

Custom Design and Complete Builds

Hard at work offers a complete, turn-key service and product. From the initial real estate transaction, to the custom design and build process, Hard at Work Inc. collaborates with clients on everything from building materials to unique features and design elements for both indoor ond outdoor living spaces.


Hard at Work is privileged to work with renowned designers, such as Jane Lockhart, to create unique spaces that suit their client’s sense of style and way of life.

Architectural Services

With the help of their highly skilled and innovative architects, Hard at Work provides floor plans and renderings for homes ranging from 3,500 sq ft to 17,000 sq ft.

Planning and Permit Approvals

Through their real estate experts, Hard at Work Inc. has a wealth of experience with area conservation authorities, township/city planning processes, and are well versed in all of the restrictions and guidelines under various environmental legislation. Hard at Work Inc. will take care of all required permits and approvals, allowing their clients to stay focused and engaged in the design and planning process.